God Gave YOU a Story

One of the highlights from going to the Family Ministry Conversation last week was I got to share my testimony with another children’s pastor, and then he did the same. We both grew up in Christian homes, and we ended up talking about how God can use testimonies like ours, because we get to talk about how God can work in homes that are built on his word.

It was a great experience, and it’s actually connected to a post I wrote that just went up at Truministry.com. It’s called God Gave YOU A Story, and here’s a preview:

Have you ever listened to someone share an incredible testimony of God saving them from the dark pit of drugs, abuse, a life of crime, or some other extreme circumstance? If you’re like me, you may have heard these incredible stories and then thought of your own personal story as dull or uninspiring. I know I’ve been guilty of believing that God only uses crazy testimonies.

You can check it out here at truministry. When you do, don’t forget to leave a comment on how God has used your story!

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