We All Win

The Importance of Winning Together

Next Thursday I’ll hop in my car and drive an hour to meet with the Central Coast Tru Community. Between the drive time and meeting time, it will fill up half of my work day, but I won’t think twice about going. Why? Because it’s an opportunity to brainstorm, learn, and celebrate with some great peers who can really relate to the goals and struggles that come with my day-to-day ministry to children.

We All WinI’ve been impressed recently with the fact that working in children’s ministry means having the opportunity to exercise your entrepreneurial interests, without being driven by a “winner-takes-all” mentality. That was what was on my mind when I wrote We All Win, which is over on the blog section of truministry.com. Here’s a preview:

The entrepreneurial mindset carries a dangerous flaw when it comes to ministry. The business world is all about competition… It’s a zero-sum game. Obviously, this shouldn’t be the case in ministry! There are more than enough people who need Jesus to avoid competition. Nonetheless, the temptation to view other churches and pastors competitively is always there. It’s tempting to wish for the budget, leadership or numbers that we see in the churches around us. Let’s be honest, it happens.

You can read the rest here, and don’t forget to leave a comment with your ideas!

We All Win at TruMinistry

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