Let Your Vision Be Your Guide

Last week at our Grassroots parenting class, one of our elders spoke about the importance of casting a vision for your home. As he spoke about what a vision does for our homes, I was reminded of how important having a vision is for our ministries as well. In fact, each of the key things that vision does for a family also apply to children’s ministry. Here’s what I mean.

A Vision…

Defines who you are, and where you want to go. This applies to families as well as children’s ministry. Having a compelling vision helps everyone understand where you are currently, and where you think God is leading your individual ministry.

It binds your family together. Vision also binds your ministry together. It gives your team a compelling reason for their efforts, and gives greater significance to the roles that they play.

It explains what you do, and what you don’t do. This is true of ministries just as much as it is for families. Vision gives you direction, and it gives your choices a reason. At the same time, it helps you weed out worthy ideas or programs that aren’t a fit for your unique ministry. Vision helps you say “yes” to the right ideas, and “no” for the wrong ones.

It explains why you’re different. In ministry it’s tempting to copy what other successful ministries are doing around you. Nonetheless, God wants to open doors uniquely suited to your ministry environment. Having a vision helps you evaluate the opportunities in front of you, and equips you to choose ones that will will help you fit your niche perfectly.

I’ve been in my share of meetings that went on waaaay too long because we didn’t have a compelling vision to help us evaluate our options. I’ve also been in meetings where seemingly difficult decisions were a breeze because we could evaluate options based upon our vision. The more I do this, the more I see how much of a necessity a vision is.

Your turn! What’s your unique vision for your ministry? How does it shape your daily decisions? Please share!

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