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Go Big! Looking at a New Approach to VBS

go big

A lot of VBS programs are pretty similar. A wacky theme, take-home sheets, (often) cringe-inducing music. Many of us run VBS programs, because they give us a huge opportunity to cast a wide net into our neighborhoods, but the fact that so many neighboring churches are doing similar (or the exact same) thing causes many children’s ministers to pause and wonder if there’s a better way to go about pulling off a Summer outreach event.

Many churches have decided to take VBS out of the sanctuary and bring it into neighborhoods. They have a goal of enabling their congregation to bring the gospel to their neighbors, and they hope to see lives transformed through real relationships. One of the many challenges this approach brings is the challenge of curriculum. Most VBS programs are designed to be BIG! Big lights, sounds, rooms and costs are the norm, which makes pulling them off in a small, lo-fi environment a real challenge.

gb2David C. Cook’s Go Big! VBS curriculum is designed to fit into this need, by offering a curriculum designed primarily to be carried out in backyards, parks and homes. There’s no shortage of crafts, games, or activities, and the lessons start with God as our creator and finish by inviting kids to be a part of God’s big story.

What sets Go Big! apart from other VBS options is the fact that it’s primarily designed for smaller settings, which means that if your heart is to run a decentralized VBS this gives you a great option. You’re not forced to sacrifice quality in order to make a curriculum fit your vision. On the other hand, if you’re still planning on running a traditional VBS, then Go Big! may not be your first choice. Although it is designed for large and small groups, you may be better served by choosing a curriculum that offers a bigger “wow” factor that you can pull off in a sanctuary.

gb3All-in-all, Go Big! is a needed addition to the world of VBS curriculum. If you’re looking for a curriculum that captures the heart of God’s story, or if you’re looking for a program that will work great in neighborhoods and parks, then Go Big! may be exactly what you’re looking for. Either way, you should go check it out, and see if that where God wants you to go this summer!


  • Low cost (only $99!)
  • Great theme
  • Perfect for smaller settings
  • Simple to reproduce and hand out to potential leaders
  • Fits into the Tru philosophy


  • Although it’s suitable for large church environments, it might be difficult to adapt for a large setting.


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