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Why is a great resource

Adv. BibleOne of the surefire indicators of somebody working in the realm of children’s or family ministry is their list of reliable family resources. It’s one of those things we all keep, modify and expand, so that we’re all ready to pull out a great resource the moment an opportunity arises. One of the things I enjoy about getting together with other children’s ministers is hearing how their favorite resources differs from mine, and getting recommendations for more “can’t-miss” ones.

We’ll I’ve recently added a new one to my resource list. It’s, and it’s a stellar place for families and for pastors and teachers as well. You’ve probably seen the Adventure Bible before. It’s a great classroom Bible because it’s written in NIV and has neat games, explanations and devotionals for kids. Well the folks at Zondervan have created a website based on this Bible, and it’s definitely worth checking out.

There are three key components of this site that I love. The first is the ability to search and read the Bible on it. You can search for verses, chapters, and even topics, and read through the results. Another nice thing about this feature is if the passage you searched has an explainer or devotional in the physical Bible, it will pop up on the page as well.

The second component is a set of Bible games and activities. There’s “Leopardy” – a Jeopardy inspired Bible quiz game. You can also play games that challenge kids to memorize books of the Bible, complete word searches and crossword puzzles. This section is neat because it’s a good tool for kids to explore God’s word, or a place to point families who want to do family Bible activities.

The third component is a section for pastors and teachers. This site is great because it allows teachers to assign students to play the games and keep track of their score. It also links to other great resources and teaching aides that are perfect for those of us trying to help groups of people dive into God’s word.

So, if you’re looking for a new resource to add to your list, go to and see what’s there!

Link to

Link to video tour of the website

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