At Tru Ministry – Dealing with Challenging Volunteers

ChallengesaheadYou know you have at least one. When you close your eyes and hear the words “challenging volunteer”, a face probably pops into your mind. In fact, I believe that this is the case for every children’s and youth minister. Dealing with a body of volunteers means inevitably working with people who are difficult for you.

Over at, I took a stab at dealing effectively with difficult volunteers. Here’s a preview:

Doing ministry with a sizable group of volunteers means there will always be a few that will be difficult to work with. And that’s a good thing, because the body of Christ is a diverse group. We are called to labor alongside all types of folks, not just those whose personalities match our own. Nonetheless, working with imperfect people does require intentional action. As leaders, our goal should be to shape our diversity into a unified vision. As I’ve learned (mostly the hard way), some guidelines really help differentiate between people who don’t fit in your ministry, and people who simply need some cajoling.

You can read the rest at Tru Ministry. Make sure to leave a comment with your thoughts and ideas!

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